Distributed Open Data PortalVallsBlockchain & IPFS

Distributed open data portal created by the department of information and communications technologies of the municipality of Valls
First web front end prototype to publish distributed dataset information and resources published in the Valls open data portal
For each dataset the following data is shown
- Ropsten Transaction hash and its link to etherscan viewer
- IPFS hash and its link through public gateway. Feel free to use other ipfs gateway
- Open data centralized web resource link

Key topics
Ethereum blockchain Network
IPFS distributed storage service
Automated publisher based on Logstash
Containerized deployed app based on dockers
100% Open Source Technology

Ropsten Testnet Deployment
Ropsten Smart Contract 0x2f5393bd8f67ba13eb7ed2b2f2638fea64ed4596
Municipality of Valls Wallet id 0x9eca25ee04fdcc9d9cdff377aa8da019dba38437

Feel free to contact us for further information
We will be happy to answer your questions about our project and the distributed technology used

Distributed Apps for public services Open Data Portal based on Ethereum blockchain & IPFS distributed storage

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